It took over ten years to get this story published…


That’s me and my friend Morgan Beeby; we ran the Nullarbor Plain in an attempt to prove that it could be done – and, in my case, to exorcise some old demons…

I’ve been obsessed with Robert Garside – who ran around the world, only to find that nobody believed him – for over a decade. I wrote the first version of this story in 2005, but it never got published, mostly because the story drove me a little bit insane. Proving that Robert Garside ran around the world became, sometimes, the most important aspect of my existence, something that created tension in my relationships, career, and especially my own sense of self. That’s because I was one of the people who didn’t believe Garside at first, and because my disbelief – publicly expressed – did great harm to what is, in my view, the greatest running achievement in history.

As part of my ongoing attempts to redeem myself and Garside, in 2010, with my friend Morgan Beeby, I ran a portion of Australia’s Nullarbor plain. The run is the framing device used in the published version of the story, which finally appeared in the August, 2012, issue of Runner’s World. The piece isn’t online yet, but you can find it on the newsstand via the magazine’s tablet editions. I’ve posted a link to a PDF of the piece below; please don’t redistribute it.

I’ll tell a little more of the story behind the story in a bit – I’m waiting for the RW version to appear at the magazine’s website – but I wanted to get the main story posted.

Download the story here.

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